About Us

Our Story

Summer Barn is a Mumbai based fashion label with a ‘slow and sustainable’ philosophy. Born in 2018, with a desire to create western styles that will remain timeless in the years to come, thus making the label slow and sustainable.

The Indian clothing industry is filled with hand loom fabrics being utilised for ethnic and fusion styles. Western styles are found in malls by fast fashion giants or in smaller unassuming shops with offshore surplus. Our collection, on the other hand, is all about having fun with hand looms in western styles keeping affordability in mind.

A beautiful garment alone is not enough anymore, the story of the fabric, process & the people creating it should be beautiful too.

 Our Clothing

Summer Barn celebrates femininity with fabrics traditional to our country. We offer minimalistic yet classic styles that are simple yet versatile. Our comfortable silhouettes are easy for women of any size. Each and every piece is created slowly & thoughtfully to ensure each piece of clothing is handmade with love and care. 

Travelling across our diverse country, surely opens doors to many weavers and artisans of our industry. However, we avoid doing so in order to reduce carbon footprint. Travel for fabric would also make the final product expensive. We, therefore source our fabrics locally. 

Our Studio & Workshop

Our workshop and display studio is located under one roof in the city of Mumbai. Our pattern making Masterji aims to ensure there is minimum waste through production. The fabrics scraps are often used for stuffing pillows or ottomans thus aiming for marginal contribution to landfills. 

All our employees are fairly paid and fairly treated.